Employee Files

Prescription Forms

Therapy Prescription- ALTON 11

Therapy Prescription- BTHS 201

Therapy Prescription- BELLE VALLEY 119

Therapy Prescription- COLUMBIA 4

Therapy Prescription- DUPO 196

Therapy Prescription- ELLIS/HARMONY 175

Therapy Prescription- FREEBURG 70

Therapy Prescription- GENERIC

Therapy Prescription- HIGH MOUNT 116

Therapy Prescription- ILLINI/GRANT 110

Therapy Prescription- MARISSA 40

Therapy Prescription- MASCOUTAH 19

Therapy Prescription- SMITHTON 130

Therapy Prescription- WHITESIDE 115

Therapy Prescription- WILLIAM HOLLIDAY 105

Other Forms

TB Authorization Form 2018

PT Goal Bank-Revised 2017

Pay Dates 2022-2023

 Back-To-School Checklist

OT Goal Bank-Revised 2017

Student Attendance Sheet

Weekly Progress Note

OT Quarterly Progress Report

PT Quarterly Progress Report

OT Request For Assistance Assessment

Therapy Training Log 2018

How to Access Power IEP

Photo Release Form

Consultation Form

COTA Supervision Record

Data Tracking Form for Sensory/Movement Breaks

Doctor Letter

Fieldwork Level II

Follow-Up Form Req. For Assistance

Guideline for OTA Students

Guidelines for Issuing Sensory Equipment

PTA Supervision Record

Updated Mileage Chart

Monster Transition Cards

OTA Student Assignments

Present Level Note Template 2018

Parent Letter

Parent Treatment Note

Parent Letter HW Group

PT Blank Tx Note

PT Parent Treatment Note

PT Staff Training Record

RTI Documentation Form

Schedule Template

Sensory Diet Template

Sensory Profile Eval Form

Service Progress Template

Student Caseload Revised

Student Information Form

Therakids Letterhead

Therakids Req. For Assistants Form

Treatment Note

Therakids Employee Manual Updated

OT Request For Assistance Form Updated

PT Request For Assistance Form Updated

NBCOT Mentoring Guidelines

Mentoring Tracking Form


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Other Files

Parent Welcome Letter

Fine Motor Activities For Home

Gross Motor Activities for Home

Christmas Treatment Activities

Handwriting/Scissor Developmental Milestones

Christmas Break Activities

Bilateral Activities

How to Tie Shoes

List of Useful Websites

Organization Techniques for Classroom

OT Brushing Protocol Page1

OT Brushing Protocol Page2

Sensory Chewing Handout

Sensory Diet Info

Sensory Suggestions for Classroom

Special Lined Paper

Weekly Treatment Themes


Entering Doctor Scripts

Cosigning For Medicaid Billing

How to Obtain an IEIN Number

How to Access Employee Files